"Endless Knight" Book Trailer

VFX: Chris Friend
ASSISTANT VFX: Anna Eva Kotyza
DIRECTOR: Olly Riley Smith
COMPANY: Dirty Robber

This is another project in which I was the VFX creative director; meaning that I was involved from the beginning treatment stage with the director.

Two of the shots that I fought to keep in were the electricity guy and the devil guy. Both were problematic and to me very fun to do.

For the electricity guy, I really wanted to show some of the effects of his lightning on his victim, Jack. I built a subtle skeleton inside of Jack, consisting of a skull, a rib-cage and a heart.

The actor for the Devil character was not quite as buff as we wanted, so I went back in and mapped exaggerated, veined musculature onto him. Also, because we were on a very limited budget, all three of these characters were shot on green-screen, so I had to build their environments from scratch.