Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket

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Password: Casket2021FF

Short Synopsis

Los Angeles 2066AD: The Pleasure-U BioDrone, Kate Shaw's only assistant, has contracted an undiagnosed mental disease. The BioDrone’s head, inside a reprogramming bag, continuously calls to Kate’s brain with strange visions.

"Creepy. Scary. Intriuiging. Funny. Futuristic. Anachronistic. Surprising. Warped."

-Martin Desmond Roe, Academy Award-winning director of "Two Distant Strangers" live action short film.

"A decisive anti-thesis of decontrol that offers true freedom in the submission to sound and image."

-Gabriel Hart, author of Virgins in Reverse/The Intrusion, voice of Jail Weddings

"Post-modern, avant-garde, and hysteric, let Friend inject a virus directly into your hardware and enjoy this cerebral and retro-futuristic ride."

-Adrian Perez, Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival

Director's Statement

When I wrote the original brief for “Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket,” I told Geneva I wanted this special. Not a typical “music video.” I intended to put the amount of effort and thought into the film that I would have put into making an independent feature. We could make something long-lasting by condensing that thought and effort into a six-minute burst. A film that keeps its secrets and has an undeniable density and subliminal structure that would require repeat viewings and discussions.

For viewers wanting to dive deeper into the world of Geneva Jacuzzi's Casket, I am 3/4 done with a 1,200-page graphic novel, four-book cycle, prelude that goes into the character of Kate Shaw and the totalitarian government, The World Wellness Watch.

Old-Earth Volume One: Psychographic Cybernetics can be ordered here.

-Chris Friend 2023